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Story is a powerful way to engage students. As listed in the Thief of Glory study guide, written by Cheryl Kennedy-Griffiths, many provinces and states have specific curriculum connections for the use of historical fiction in the classroom. For teachers of grade nine and up, these are among the study guide objectives:

  • to engage students in meaningful discussions that will encourage them to become global citizens.
  • help students learn and think about about courage and how to engage in and encourage others to participate in humane actions and support organizations that support humanitarian activities.
  • help students learn form the historical use and abuse of power, obedience and conformity.
  • show how discrimination and prejudice have led to conflicts on a global scale and how we can use this knowledge in our own lives.
  • extend our learning through open-ended and inquiry-based questions related to the themes of the book.
  • encourage students to become advocates for those who have been marginalized, and actively participate in ending both genocide around the world
  • create a service project that promotes cultural awareness and promotes an end to discrimination on a local level.

The study guide is available here for download as pdf, or .mobi for Kindle or epub for all other ereader devices.

For teachers or librarians who haven’t read the novel, an extended introduction to Thief of Glory can be downloaded at

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