Memoir Seminars

Based on his inspiration for Thief of Glory, which Sigmund Brouwer wrote as a way to learn and honor the story of his parents, including his father’s boyhood in a Japanese concentration camp, Sigmund Brouwer’s travel schedule now includes The Chapters of Our Lives seminars.

While accomplished and aspiring writers will enjoy the workshop, Sigmund’s simple and foundational approach is very encouraging for those who view themselves as non-writers, but want an introduction to the memoir process. Sigmund welcomes grandparents who want to share their stories with children and grandchildren, adult children who want to record the stories of their parents, and successful business people — all those who wish to share their legacy in memoir form for the ones who matter most in their lives, their own extended families.

Participants will leave the workshop with the confidence to write and share a single memoir chapter of their lives — the most important stepping stone to later continuing the process with the same effectiveness.

Each workshop will bring the joy of a new smile to a little boy or girl suffering from a cleft palate, as Sigmund sets aside the first portion of seminar fees to be donated to Operation Smile on behalf of the participants.

To learn more about Operation Smile, click here.

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